Vascular Access Device Selection

Vascular access devices, what and when to use for PICCs

A vascular access device provides a means to safely administer medications to a patient for the duration of therapy. In this program, we:

  • Define and outline two specific goals for device selection
  • Provide a quick review of the various types of vascular access devices available on the market
  • Discuss under which circumstances each device is chosen as well as various considerations and limitations
  • Review and discuss the seven factors to consider for each and every patient prior to the selection of a vascular access device
  • Take a detailed look at the decision process required when selecting a vascular access device based on prescribed therapy and various patient conditions and factors

This program includes a manual which can be downloaded for future reference. Successful completion of the post-test with a score of 80% or higher is necessary to receive continuing education credits for this program.

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