CVC Removal program – User comments

cvc_removalThe CVC Removal program reviews when and how to safely remove a central venous access device.

User comments:

What did you like most or find most helpful about this program?

  • “everything” Adedayo A. 6/3/15
  • “very good information” Fannie M. 6/2/15
  • “Entire lecture was re-enforcing and educational.” Shirley S. 5/11/15
  • “direct; to the point” Gina E. 4/22/15
  • “Reviews” Joanne M. 4/5/15
  • “presentation was good” Mercy P. 4/2/15
  • “this was a fine training.  thank you” Bernadette A. 4/3/15
  • “signs and symptoms of air embolism and catheter embolism” Sandra E. 3/15/15
  • “step by step procedure” Lorna K. 2/12/15


How can we improve the program?

  • “more classes” Adedayo A. 6/3/15

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