Ultrasound Guided PICC Tips and Tricks

This Ultrasound Troubleshooting Tips and Tricks program was developed to teach techniques that increase insertion success rates using ultrasound guidance for PICC insertions. Performing an ultrasound guided insertion takes practice and patience. Once the skill is mastered, the clinician can safely and accurately access patient’s vasculature, providing better outcomes for the patient.

Topics reviewed in this program include:

  • Probe management
  • Probe pressure
  • Importance of gel
  • Controlling the cable
  • Screen orientation
  • Needle control/insertion angle
  • Following the needle tip during insertion

This program assumes the clinician is already familiar with an ultrasound unit and is currently using ultrasound guidance for PICC insertions. Included is a manual which can be downloaded for future reference. Successful completion of the post-test with a score of 80% or higher is necessary to receive continuing education credits for this program.

For more information and/or to purchase this online education, please visit us at https://www.piccexcellence.com/education/productpage.php?productID=13.

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