Ultrasound Guided Peripheral Catheter Insertion

Ultrasound Guided PIV online education

Want to save time and money, improve patient safety and comfort?  Check out our newest training program for IV nurses.

The Ultrasound-Guided PIV program is a new and innovative program designed to provide hospitals and individuals with information and steps for the insertion of PIVs using ultrasound guidance. Not all patient veins are easy to find much less access! Increase clinician productivity and patient comfort by first locating veins with ultrasound. Access becomes routine once the vein is quickly located.

Placement of a Short Peripheral IV Catheter using Ultrasound Guidance-This program provides the when, why and how to ultrasound-guided PIV placement. It also provides sample forms and policies and procedures to get the program initiated in your facility. It is fully narrated and includes a step-by-step ultrasound guided PIV placement procedure.

Once you’ve completed the course take the 5 question online test and receive a certificate for 2 contact hours of continuing education.

For more information and/or to purchase this online education, visit PICC Excellence, Inc at https://www.piccexcellence.com/education/productpage.php?productID=54.

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