PICC and CVC Complications online education comments

complicationsPICC Excellence comprehensive training on the management of PICC and CVC Complications. While PICCs are the safest type of central venous access device available today, complications can and do still occur. The PICC and CVC Complications Identification and Management program provides information on how to recognize and handle these complications in the most efficient and effective manner possible.

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What did you like most or find most helpful about this program?

  • “layout of information” Tiffeny J. 4/20/15
  • “self-guided” Cynthia B. 4/12/15
  • “Evidence-based information, reference to specific standards, the ability to pause and begin again where I left off” Cheryl K. 4/3/15
  • “written materials” Sandra O. 3/29/15
  • “all of it very informative” Lorie S. 3/2/15
  • “thoroughness” Nathan S. 2/28/15
  • “reading along with the narration” Joan J. 2/21/15
  • “photos” Theresa A. 2/8/15
  • it was very informative and educational” Bernadette A. 2/10/15
  • everything” Renie B. 12/18/14


How can we improve the program?

  • “no improvement needed” Renie B. 12/18/14


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