Question: What are the activity restrictions, if any, with a mid-thigh femoral picc line in place? D.C. 5/16/19

Answer: Mid-thigh femoral placement is for a very select group of patients who require venous access, but do not have the upper extremity or chest veins to adequately accommodate catheters. Also patients with chronic kidney disease who should not have catheters in the upper extremities.

The functional limitation of patients with MTF catheters is mainly no ambulation, which may promote thrombosis, more common in femoral catheters. These patients are generally very sick and bedbound. Sitting is not a limitation, but with increasing activity in the legs more difficulties may occur. As with any femoral catheter, or intravenous device, it should be removed as soon as no longer needed, effectively reducing the risk of complications.

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Ostroff, M., Moureau, N., & Ismail, M. (2018). Review and Case Studies of Mid-thigh Femoral Central Venous Catheter Placement. JAVA 23 (3) 167-175. Find the full article at

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