PICC Instructor/Preceptor Training – User comments

PICC-InstructorThe PICC Instructor Training Program guides the clinician through the development of an entire PICC class, including creation of the manual and the PowerPoint presentation. This guide covers working with adult learners, their expectations and how to best impart your knowledge to them.

What did you like most or find most helpful about this program?

  • “online, ease of access” Kevin M. 3/15/15
  • “very informative” Dana H. 2/14/15



PreceptorThe goal of the PICC Preceptor Training is to assist a clinician who has completed PICC didactic training become qualified to perform PICC insertions safely and independently. This course teaches the experienced PICC clinician how to adequately supervise and precept a new inserting clinician. It includes qualifications required to become a preceptor, responsibilities of the preceptor, effective teaching methods, learning styles, and what skills and didactic training must be validated prior to approving a new clinician for independent PICC insertions. Supervising people in a way that is positive and encouraging takes skill -and maybe a few tips along the way! Users are very happy with our Preceptor training, see comments:

What did you like most or find most helpful about this program?

  • “Ease with understanding the material” Ann R. 6/8/15
  • “Simple yet covered all necessary components of preceptorship.” Toni G. 6/8/15
  • the knowledge that we need to teach. Alberto S. 5/11/15
  • visuals/pictures, pace of presentation” Mary Kate W. 5/8/15

What did you find least helpful or what would you change?

  • “All is good” Ann R. 6/8/15
  • the language, because for me is difficult understand but I can get it” Alberto S. 5/11/15

How can we improve the program?

  • “All is good” Ann R. 6/8/15
  • “I think with a spanish form of the program” Alberto S. 5/11/15

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