Pediatric Workshop reviews

Pediatric PICC Qualification and Ultrasound Training Workshop

PICC Excellence, Inc. prides itself in being the premier trainer in PICC insertion for pediatrics and neonates. Instructor led, small group training classes are held several times throughout the year at Wolfson Children’s Hospital in Jacksonville, Florida. The new Pediatric program is a 3 day class with no more than 3 trainees, 1 day of classroom work with 2 days of observation. Reviews have been very positive:

– email – “I had the pleasure to participate in the PICC workshop with Holly this past week (3/9-3/11 2015). I wanted to let you know that she is AMAZING! She and her team are so professional, compassionate and experts in their field. They work so well together always putting the patients first. This is a fantastic program but I do believe that Holly is the key to the success. The NICU and pediatric staff in the ER at Wolfson Children’s Hospital were also nothing but pleasant and welcoming to me in their units. They allowed us to stand right next to Holly during every procedure to be able to have the best observation as possible. Thank you again for such a phenomenal experience!”
JoAnn Morey MS, PNP-BC, RNC

Here are some of the comments from the evaluations:

13. What did you like most or find most helpful about this program?

  • ” videos” Cherie P. 2/13/15
  • “I was exposed to PICC placement on the pediatric patient in the NICU, or, Radiology (Fluro) and at second hospital.” J.I. 8/13/2014

14. What did you find least helpful?

  • “Everything about this learning opportunity was exceptional!” J.I  8/13/2014

15. How can we improve the program?

  • “It doesn’t get any better than Holly Hess!” J.I. 8/13/2014

17. What value is this program to you and how will you use what you have learned?

  • “This program will definitely improve my PICC insertions in the Pediatric & Neonatal population  –  Thank you so much!” J.I. 8/13/2014


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