Pediatric & Neonatal PICC Qualification Training

Pediatric PICC Qualification Training

The Pediatric/Neonatal Insertion Training class is designed to train the nurse or physician for the insertion of pediatric PICCs. This online program includes an actual insertion of a neonate and an infant.

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  • “All was good” Anna M. 8/15/16


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  1. Does this training include ultrasound guided PICC placement in both the neonatal and pediatric patient populations?

    1. Hi Beth,

      Apologies for my tardy response, we are just getting the blog up and running. Yes, this online class covers both Pediatric and Neonatal ultrasound guided PICC placement. Very soon we will be releasing a separate Neonatal online class (it is currently being reviewed in Beta), it should be available before the end of June 2017. We will send out a newsletter to herald the Neonatal class release. Call or email for more specifics.

      Nancy Rene

  2. Hi,
    How does the class work if it is online? I am a pediatrician in rural British Columbia, will I need to travel for hands on experience?

    1. Hello Kathryn,

      We offer online education for Pediatrics and Neonatal PICC Insertion and ultrasound. The best option is to go to our Pediatric/Neonatal Workshop with Holly Hess in Jacksonville FL. This workshop gives you education, review, simulation and 2 days of observation in the Peds Unit or NICU (whichever is your focus). Hollys vascular access team has been wonderful about accommodating our trainees and everyone gives her fantastic reviews for the training. Please note that there are currently no hospitals in the US that will allow a trainee to insert on a patient at this time. You should make sure you have an option for supervised live insertions when you return to your workplace, so that your training is fresh in your mind. I hope this information is helpful, if you have further questions please email me at nancyrene@piccexcellence or call 888 714-1951.

    1. Hi Matthew, apologies for my tardy response. A Physician or Hospitalist can act as the preceptor or another trained in the Modified Seldinger Technique (MST) of PICC insertion. Nancy Rene

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