Midlines: Application and Use – More Student Comments

Midlines: Application and Use is an educational program created provided to you by PICC Excellence thanks to a grant from ACCESS SCIENTIFIC, makers of the POWERWAND midline catheter. Clinicians from around the country are taking advantage of this program. Here are a few comments from recent student evaluations:

7. What did you like most or find most helpful about this program?

“The comparisons of complication rates, dwell times and appropriate uses of all types of VADs.”            Comments by mf on 1/21/2014

“information on midlines are not readily available- thanks for the information”          Comment by lch on 1/20/2014

“convenience to do at home”          Comment by lb on 1/20/2014

“Clear and easy to understand. Useful information for my facility.”          Comment by ps on 1/20/2014

“Able to study at my own pace & ability to review certain sections.”          Comment by wa on 1/19/2014

“clear and concise.  and it was free!!!”          Comment by mn on 1/18/2014

“Vein size”          Comment by mm on 1/17/2014

“Discussion of the differences between the use of midlines and PICCs”         Comment by sb on 1/15/2014

Access to printable materials”          Comment by jb on 1/14/2014

“learning about when midlines are the best choice”       Comment by ps on 1/13/2014

“The questions positioned after each couple of chapters.  Inclusion of INS, CDC and FDA guidelines extremely important.”      Comment by dk on 1/12/2014

“Very thorough, easy to understand, great information”         Comment by ch on 1/12/2014

“charts and both visual and spoken information”          Comment by ds on 1/12/2014

“Ability to replay portions wanted repeated and ability to study slides as long as would like.”        Comment by jc on 1/11/2014

“perfect detail and organizaton of info”          Comment by lb on 1/9/2014

“THE VIDEOS THAT SHOWED HOW TO INSERT THE CATHETERS”         Comment by jr on 1/7/2014

“Some new published facts of which I was unaware”         Comment by ens on 1/7/2014

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