Safe IV Patient Care – User comments

safepatntSafe IV Patient Care is a program that defines the specific steps clinicians can actively follow on a daily basis to reduce the risk of infections and complications, ensuring a higher degree of safety and positive outcomes for our patients.

Student comments:

What did you like most or find most helpful about this program?

  • “the portion of an actual PICC being placed” Jocelyn H. 4/20/16
  • “review of each segment” Shirley S. 5/10/15
  • “minimum recommended flush” Michael B. 4/21/15
  • “pictures with slides” Walter M. 4/16/15
  • “very clear and to the point” Donna J. 3/30/15
  • “written material” Sandra O. 3/29/15
  • “the information for monitoring and daily documentation” Lorie S. 2/28/15
  • “online format, clear information, reviews” LaWanna M. 3/5/15
  • “good review” Christine H. 3/2/15
  • “I love this new program. Great Job!”    Comment from kn on 8/23/2014

How can we improve the program?

  • “It was great… improvement needed” Donna J. 3/30/15
  • “keep as is” Christine H. 3/2/15
  • great, no improvements needed” Lorie S. 2/28/15

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