Instructor Program Develops Comfort

Instructor led WorkshopThe PICC Instructor Training Program was developed to teach you how to become a PICC instructor and share your PICC experience and knowledge with other clinicians and medical professionals. The program includes three sections:

  • Instructor Basics
  • Curriculum Development
  • Class Set Up

As one student completed their training, here is their feedback about the program:

7. What did you like most or find most helpful about this program?

Not a public speaker. Helped to make me comfortable.”

15. How can we improve the program?

 “Very Satisfied.”                      Comments by jw on 4/21/2014                         Thank you jw!


2 thoughts on “Instructor Program Develops Comfort”

    1. You can see the course information on our website at:

      This class cost is $375.00, it can take an hour or 10 hours to complete depending how much time and effort YOU want to put into it. You can create your own class and PICC Excellence will review your materials for accuracy and make suggestions to help your program. (Anyone may take our classes, however you must be a PICC Inserter using Ultrasound to teach this class, you would not be able to teach the class without this background)

      As to getting a job in the US after the course, that would be entirely up to you. (If you are asking about working for PICC Excellence, Inc, you can submit your Resume to us at but know that our CEO has only had 5 or 6 instructors approved over our 22 year history) The purpose of this class is to help hospital employees to set up a class at their own hospital, or to assist an independent PICC Inserter who wants to create and teach a PICC Workshop on their own.

      I hope this information is helpful to you, if there is anything else we can help with please let us know. Apologies for my tardy response.

      Nancy Rene

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