How Does YOUR Hospital verify Competency for PICC Inserters?

How Does YOUR Hospital verify Competency for PICC Inserters?

Every hospital desires competent staff caring for their patients. For more invasive procedures education and competency assessment are a must, sometimes included as a credentialing process. After the initial competency assessment is completed, what then? How do you verify on-going competency, have it performed on a regular basis (yearly or bi-annually) to ensure safety for patients?

For PICC inserters there is a method to establish initial verification and a process to maintain competency validation and documentation. PICC Certification™ is provided through the CPUI™ Certified PICC Ultrasound Inserter program that qualifies each inserter through a credentialing process inclusive of minimal insertion and education requirements. Each qualified inserter submits their education and insertion history (meeting the requirements) along with a completed competency assessment. They are then eligible to complete the testing process to ensure minimal knowledge base as an inserter and expert in managing PICCs and other vascular access devices. The credentials CPUI™ means they completed and are recertifying every two years. Recertification requires education, insertion and competency documentation to verify ongoing practice. PICC Certification™ with CPUI™ validates policy requirements for competency assessment and demonstrates to Joint Commission and other accrediting organizations that your facility is maintaining high quality clinicians for placement of intravenous devices such as PICCs.

Nancy Moureau suggests giving your facility peace of mind by knowing that anyone who carries the CPUI™ Certified PICC Ultrasound Inserter credentials has met and continues to meet the requirements of Competency, Education, Simulation, Supervised validation, Test of Knowledge and ongoing Competency documentation.

CPUI™ is the only certification that requires proof of education, competency assessment and validated insertion history prior to successful completion of a 200 question exam. Maintaining the CPUI™ is set in a manner that hospitals and individuals find simple and inexpensive.

CPUI™ has established a new standard of practice for PICC credentialing, giving PICC Certification™ a standardized meaning, rather than just being a misused term.

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