Flushing commentary by Nancy Moureau

Flushing commentary by Nancy Moureau

Content:The issue of flushing is one where we all consider the manufacturer’s recommendations (anywhere from daily to weekly on flushing) with the recommendations of groups like RNAO (Registered Nurses Association of Ontario http://pda.rnao.ca/content/flushing-and-locking-interventions-table ) where they say after each access or daily if not in use, INS (Infusion Nurses Society) flushing cards where they say flush q24 hours for non-valved and weekly for valved catheters not in use. Many hospitals adopted q8hr flushing to make it consistent that each shift do an assessment that included flushing and blood return check, some are getting away from that now, but the assessment is still a legal requirement and duty for each nursing shift. Whether you move to q12hr or qday will depend on how you want to emphasize the assessment steps for devices not in use.

I hope this information was helpful. We do have Care and Maintenance online programs that help staff understand how to safely and effectively work with the devices. Let me know if there is anything else I can do for you.

Wishing you and your staff a happy and prosperous 2013! Warm regards, Nancy

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