Central Venous Access, Internal Jugular Vein

Mendenhall, B. and O’Rourke, M. (2017) Central Venous Access, Internal Jugular Vein. StatPearls [Internet]. Treasure Island (FL). StatPearls Publishing.

If an ultrasound machine is not immediately available and central venous access via the right jugular vein is required, a simple three-finger technique for insertion of a central venous access line into the right internal jugular vein has proven to be a reliable method for accomplishing this task. This technique works well no matter the body habitus of the patient or whether the patient can or cannot rotate their head over to their left side. In essence, the practitioner creates the landmarks required for successful insertion of a central venous catheter by properly positioning their left three fingers on the patient’s neck. In my experience, the complication rate is no higher than other methods commonly used and might equal that of using ultrasound for placement.

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By IV Team June 15, 2017

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