Begin Your PICC Training

BPQTFor the beginning inserter, the Basic PICC Qualification Training program offered by PICC Excellence qualifies you to begin PICC insertions using ultrasound guidance through didactic training and practicum checklist. Recent comments from our students regarding this training:

7. What did you like most or find most helpful about this program?

 “I liked the different types of media.  Very well done.”        Comment by jg on 1/21/2014

“Both video and text material”        Comment by dd on 1/21/2014

“progression of information”        Comment by jd on 1/17/2014

“VERY INFORMATIVE”        Comment by rc on 1/18/2014

1 thought on “Begin Your PICC Training”

  1. I’ve inserted a lot of PICC’s for neonates and infants since 4 years ago in iran. It’s very useful but unfortunatly we don’t have reliable certificate in iran. While my MS thesis was aboat picc.

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