Adult Basic PICC Insertion with Ultrasound Workshop April 24-25, 2018

Adult Basic PICC Insertion with Ultrasound Workshop

The 1 1/2 day Adult Basic Workshop in Atlanta Georgia is for the beginning inserter and includes intensive PICC and ultrasound training. Upon completion of this workshop the trainee will be ready to perform a live PICC insertion with ultrasound. First day is Basic PICC training, review of  online classes  and discussion of  insertion and practicum with simulation for each attendee. The second day is learning to integrate ultrasound assessment and guided access into the overall PICC procedure and plenty of hands on practice with the ultrasound.

Next Scheduled Class:   April 24-25, 2018

OBJECTIVES: Demonstrate understanding of the definition of a Peripherally Inserted Central Catheter by acknowledging the Infusion Nurses Standards of Practice designation for terminal tip location.

Workshop attendees will receive 12.5 CEs upon successful completion of this class plus CEs associated with each of the online pre-requisites.

PICC Adult Workshop pre-requisite online class: (included with purchase of the Workshop)

    • Basic PICC Qualification Training
    • Understanding the Basics of Ultrasound
    • Step by Step Ultrasound
    • Ultrasound Guided PICC Tips & Tricks
    • Inserting PICCs with Ultrasound

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