Clinically Indicated Catheter Replacement

Toney, Thomas P. (2020). Clinically indicated catheter replacement. World of Irish nursing. 28. 38-39.

Peripheral vascular catheters should be replaced only when clinically indicated, not at predetermined intervals.

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Excellent article on Clinically Indicated Peripheral Catheter Replacement. I especially appreciated the emphasis on Prevention of catheter-associated BSI and implementation of three well-established principles in clinical practice: Aseptic practice (ANTT), frequent assessment, and removal of the cannula when no longer required. These principles form the basis of preventing catheter-associated BSI and must be taught with well-established compliance prior to transition to CIDR. I am also a strong advocate of the VIP Visual Infusion Phlebitis scoring tool by Andrew Jackson. This tool and those like the I-Decided Assessment Tool by Dr. Ray-Barruel provide a framework for assessment and application of best practices for our patients. There are many patient and hospital benefits to CIDR, but, as you said, the importance of the three principles, aseptic insertion with alcoholic chlorhexidine, frequent assessment based on tool criteria, and removal when no longer necessary form the framework for safe practice as we extend the dwell of the peripheral cannula.

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